Stone Village Guest Houses

The Stone Village Tourist Camp offers for your lodging needs two Guest Houses. These Guest Houses  are old historic homes from the early days of Ft Davis, The Mulhern House and the Truhart-Neill House.

The Mulhern House is a 1905 adobe home and was built in one of Fort Davis' oldest neighborhoods by D. L. Hackney, a Houston lumber barron. He brought his family to Fort Davis for health reasons and to escape the sultry summer weather of east Texas. A few years later Charles Mulhern, an early local businessman and rancher purchased the home and owned the property for the following forty years.

This 1898 Victorian adobe home was built by Trueheart, a Galveston insurance company owner. The home is located on a full city block that is characteristic of large boulders on the edge of town. Like many of the early homes built in Fort Davis this home was a built as an escape from the hot humid summers of Southeast Texas. At the time it was built the home was the largest, most modern home in town. The current owners purchased the property in 2005 and totally renovated the home.

Scobee House

One bedroom, spacious and open flow-through living area with modern kitchen, 2 fire places and views not available anywhere else! Beautiful casita situated on the very top of Scobee Mountain overlooking Fort Davis,Texas, at 6,000 feet in altitude. Designed by a local architect famous for his quality, this elegant guest house has a roof shaped like the wings of an eagle, a back patio with breathtaking views and a deck with true 360 degree views ranging from a 30-mile north view to a 90-mile view to the south.

To the west you can see McDonald observatory and the Davis Mountains and views that go on forever. This region is where the wealthy families of Texas came to escape Summerís heat before there was air conditioning. The house does not have air conditioning, but between the high altitude, thick adobe walls and ceiling fans, you donít need it.

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Scobee Guest House
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