Stone Village Tourist Camp & Market


Welcome to the Stone Village Tourist Camp, a renovated 1935 tourist court located in the middle of Fort Davis, Texas, near the base of Sleeping Lion Mountain.


The Tourist Camp derives its name from early 20th century inns that specialized in accommodating travelers with road side facilities. Eventually, the word "tourist camp" was replaced with "motor inn", then,"motor hotel", and ultimately the term "motel" became prevalent. The Tourist Camp's construction is rock, adobe and stucco plaster which is the foundation of the rustic charm and comfort offered by Stone Village Tourist Camp in nine unique motel rooms, and six camp rooms.


Office hours are 8AM -10PM daily


The Stone Village Tourist Camp has a variety of rooms and other facilities that make your stay in the Davis Mountains a pleasant and worry free experience.


This market offers a wide variety of natural and certified organic fruits, vegetables and other foods.  Many foods are locally produced and vary according to what is in season.


The Davis Mountains, Big Bend area of Texas offers many spectacular points of interest and local attractions for you to see on your visit to Fort Davis.


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About Us


Stone Village Tourist Camp is operated by Randall and Belinda Kinzie, 2nd generation owners of both the motel and the market. The Tourist Camp and Market were purchased from Joe and Lanna Duncan, proprietors of Hotel Paisano and Hotel El Capitan. Lanna Tweedy Duncan's father, Bish Tweedy, purchased the Stone Village Motel in 1978 from Pat and Lucille Watts In 2005, the Duncan's bought back the Motel and are responsible for the current renovation of both the Tourist Camp and the Market, formerly Stone Village Grocery, also owned by Randall's parents, Barrick and Patricia Watts.


Stone Village has been in continuous operation since it's opening in 1935, when the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, came out to build the Davis Mountain State Park and Indian Lodge Complex. The University of Texas McDonald Observatory and the highway were also being built as well as the Balmorhea State Park, home to San Solomon Springs, one of the states largest spring fed pools.

Fort Davis, Texas


Stone VillageTourist Camp, a motel and natural food market and deli, is located in the township of Fort Davis Texas, the county seat of Jeff Davis County. The highest town in Texas, Fort Davis provides a unique respite from the heat, the crowds and the daily urban grind that is becoming routine in Texas.An outpost of protection along the San Antonio-El Paso portion of the Overland Trail, Fort Davis grew into a community after the closing of the actual fort.


Scenic mountains, valleys ,meadows, and an abundance of friendly folks and wildlife have always been the Davis Mountain's calling card. Today, Fort Davis remains one of the "Best Kept Secrets" in Texas.

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